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Manuele Baciarelli

The Biological Enneagram



The nine personality types and disease 

according to The Biological Laws of Dott. Hamer 

Why is it always me that falls ill?

Why do some symptoms seem to accompany us throughout our lives as if we had some kind of predisposition towards certain ‘diseases’ rather than others?

Is there a relationship between conflict content, our personal awareness of, and response to, this conflict, and personality? In other words, how exactly does the personality ‘fall sick’?

How does this process take place?

What purpose might it serve?

The Biological Enneagram brings together the nine personality types as described by the Enneagram and the biological process known as ‘disease’ in the light of the Five Biological Laws of R.G. Hamer.

The first and only comparative study into the relationship between the Enneagram and Biological Laws.


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